Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1 year old!!

I haven't been posting (obviously) but instead I'm back to just reading other blogs.  I am happy and busy everything is great but I just don't feel like posting.  I guess, like so many others, I had so much I needed support with before, and now..not so much.
I am managing well with work and family, but not so much with social life as well.  That's ok with me for now.  But sometimes it seems really crazy that I don't have time to go get my hair cut or buy new clothes.  I could make time, but that would take away from my baby time so I choose not to.  And I could take them with me, but that's not very easy with 2 at this age (when will that change?).  Instead choose to go on playdates with neighbours, and take the boys for walks and climb on their outdoor climber and in and out of the kiddie pool and all the other little fun things we do around the home.  Sometimes I really want "me" time but most of the time I don't want to change anything for now.
A year really does go by so fast.
One baby started walking at 11 months.  The other one looks like he'll be another month or so.  They say a few words but the only consistently used work is "bu"  for book.  And they like to howl like my dog.  That's pretty cute.  Oh and dancing with their arms, also very cute.
Ok enough of this.  I'll post a couple of pics shortly and then continue with reading blogs instead of posting!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost 8 months

Time is flying! And I love these months where they're learning to move and totally love climbing all over me.
But our sleep is still crazy. After their first night sleeping through, they slowly reverted back several months. We moved, so I know this screwed them up. And then we responded too quickly to tweets and cries, so this screwed things up too. It returned to getting up every hour for one baby or the other. Wow, tiring. I'm working 25 hrs a week now and sometimes wonder how the hell I'm functioning.
Our recent plan has been splitting them up. So one stays in his room (and I in the spare room beside their's) and the other sleeps in our room in a playpen. Both are sleeping much better on their own and we only have to respond/hear one baby a night. I'm slowly feeling like I'm not a zombie. So we just have to decide when we're brave enough to put them in the same room again. So that WE can sleep together again!
So our milestones update is: the second baby got one tooth, both are crawling although one is significantly faster and better at it, one baby insists on pulling himself to stand (and then often falling and bumping his head), and one baby says mama and dada without really realizing he's saying it. Fun stuff!
So that's my quick update.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I've been a terrible commenter and blogger. I returned to part time work 2 months ago and it's been difficult to find time for anything beside babies and work. Not to mention, we're moving in 2 weeks. So yeah, busy..
I LOVE 6 months though! There are so many milestones around this age! They are so happy and smiley. They are so beautifully interactive! They really only cry when they are tired now. They are rolling and using rolling as locomotion. One baby has 2 little teeth. They are so close to sitting and crawling. They are eating cereal and we're starting veggies this weekend (I've made and freezed just about every vegetable).
And the BEST milestone of all??? On their 6 month birthday they slept through the night! There was a 11:30 wake up. But then not a peep from either of them until 6:30 am!! Of course last night wasn't as good, but wow, it's coming! Sleep is coming!
So everything is great here. And only getting better. It's sunshine and lollypops all the way!
I'm happy to hear some positive things from the bloggers I follow as well. Another great year coming up!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick update

I have one baby asleep across my lap and another across my chest. This was my first time doing the bed prep alone. It wasn't easy, but I was successful! I just need to find away to get them to their cribs now :)
I started a long post a while ago about things that have been very hard. But I'll get back to that later.
Tonight I feel success!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally some pictures..

Quinten - 6 weeks
Harrison - 6 weeks

Harrison - 8 weeks
Quinten - 8 weeks

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

8 weeks old

I have kept up with reading blogs but don't remember the last time I commented on one. I've had comments to make, I just haven't done it. I suck.
As for my life, it's very monotonous at this point, but absolutely worth it. I do look forward to meaningful smiles though, just to get positive feedback from these little life forms!
And I don't know if it's just a twin thing but I'm sick of hearing people say "it's their growth spurt". They feed all the time. They usually eat every 2 hrs now and take an hour to do it, therefore getting maybe 20 mins of sleep time in each cycle during the day. We usually get our old 3 hr cycles back at night. Yippee! It's been 2 weeks of this. I was doing well at getting out and doing stuff at least 3 times a week but that hasn't been possible with 2 hr feeding cycles. So, is it b/c there are 2 babies whose growth cycles run into one another? Or are growth spurts just an excuse so that I'll believe it can END someday? It would be interesting to see how long a baby would sleep through the night, if there was only one. But of course, I'll never know and it doesn't matter anyway.
My little guy is 9 lbs as of last week. And my "big guy" is 8 lbs 14 oz. So the little one has caught up and stormed past! Go buddy! They only fit clothes for about a week at a time. I have already packed up so many little outfits! Wow, they grow fast. And time is flying so fast. 8 weeks already! I think I need this to slow down.
The boys are completely different people. They find different things entertaining, they require different soothing techniques, one is a screamer and the other a crier, they even poop different colours and frequencies. This will be fun to watch as they grow up.